Student Testimonials

"I love Holy Cross because every Wednesday I go to Mass and learn and learn about God from Fr. Salanitro."
–Matthew K. 6th grade

Program Data

Differentiated Instruction
Classroom Modifications: Reading groups, spelling/vocabulary lists modified, math groups.

2014-2015 Alternative Program Data- Resource Room
IEP's (K-8) 2
ISP’s (Speech) (K-8) 9
Holy Cross 504 Plans 7
Holy Cross Intervention Sheets 24
Students receiving district support 2
Students receiving Title 1 11


Academic Competitions/Showcases
2014-2015 Math Competitions (Creighton Prep, Archdiocesan)

Creighton Prep Results:  8th Grade—3rd place in Leap Frog Division

Archdiocesan Results:  4th Grade—1st place team, 2nd and 3rd place individual; 5th Grade—4th place team, 9th and 12th place individual; 6th grade—1st place team, 1st and 6th place individual; 7th grade—5th place team, 6th and 12th place individual; 8th grade—6th place team, 3rd and 7th place individual; Algebra—3rd place team, 1st and 5th place individual

Bible Bowl—4th Place

Creative Communications Spring Poetry—26 published 8th graders

Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Essay Contest—2nd place winner in NE

Academic Scholarship Recipients—3 to Mercy High School, 1 to Mt. Michael Benedictine

Other Academic Competitions/Showcases: Science Fair, Wits Clash, Archdiocesan Math Contest, Bible Bowl, Reader’s Quiz Bowl, Speech Contest, Knights of Columbus Art Contest, Essay Contests, Music Programs

Extra-and Co-curricular Participation— Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Yearbook Committee, 3rd and 4th Grade Book Club, Harry Potter Club, 7th and 8th Grade Art Club, Youth Group, Student Congress (6th -8th grades), Liturgy Leaders (8th grade), Honey Sunday, Chess Club, Choir, Band, Walking Club, Lunch Box Science

CYSL soccer, micro soccer, basketball, volleyball, tackle football, baseball, softball


Professional Development Staff Data

2014-2015—Over 250 hours of professional in-service completed

Topics include:  School of Faith, Safe Environment, Catholic Faith Identity, Differentiated Instruction, DWP, Power Walkthroughs, and Acuity Training


School Goals

In the spring of 2010, Holy Cross identified writing as a goal area.  During the 2010-2011 school year, staff researched best practices, and began inservice training on 6-Traits.   Inservice continued during the 2011-2012 and 12-13 school years.  Teachers worked to create common rubrics and practices to help our students become even stronger writers. 

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