Teacher Testimonials

"Holy Cross is a special place because of all our parents working with the teachers to help the students grow in all areas."
- Ms. Vesely

Holy Cross Thanks Dedicated Teachers                     


Holy Cross will have two teachers retire at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, Ms. Maureen Vesely and Mrs. Rita Adams. Ms. Vesely and Mrs. Adams have certainly made their mark on Holy Cross and the Archdiocese as a whole. We are so grateful for the many years of service they have shared with our community and wish them well as they retire.


A big retirement party is not the desire of either of these ladies. However, there are many families who have expressed their desire to share their appreciation! Holy Cross will sponsor a ‘Card Shower.’ Friends and families, past and present, are invited to take a minute to write a card or note and send it to Holy Cross School.  We will gather all of the cards and present them to Ms. Vesely and Mrs. Adams on your behalf. 


A brief biography for each of these dedicated teachers can be found below:


      Ms. Maureen Vesely:  

Ms. Vesely has been teaching at Holy Cross since 1976.  She has taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades in her 40.5 years here.  Ms. Vesely has sat on many Archdiocesan committee writing teams, in both math and science.  She helps prepare students annually for the Archdicoesan math contest and is active in many committees at ths school level.  She initiated many programs that are still a vital part of the curriculum at Holy Cross, including the Science Fair and Outdoor Education.  Ms. Vesely also initiated and organizes the Wierzbicki Scholarship program in honor of her friend and colleague, Linda Wierzbicki; this scholarship awards financial gifts to several of our 8th grade students who are registering at a Catholic high school each year.  Ms. Vesely has mentored many new staff memebers during her tenure at Holy Cross and truly exemplifies the title, 'Master Teacher.'  Ms. Vesely was an active member of the Holy Cross Booster Club and spent many years coaching the children of Holy Cross!  She has been a coach, a teacher and a dedicated team player at Holy Cross.  We are grateful for her service and wish her many blessings in her retirement!  



      Mrs. Rita Adams:  


Mrs. Adams has been educating young minds for 26 years!  Her service in our Archdiocese began at St. Thomas More in 1991.  Mrs. Adams joined the Holy Cross team in 2004.  In her tenure as an educator, she has taught kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.  Rita has had several years experience as Director of Religious Education at St. Thomas More where she directed the RE and Sunday School programs, and developed and ran Vacation Bible School. She was a founding member of the St. Thomas More School Board.  Her dedication to the Archdiocese reaches beyond Holy Cross and St. Thomas More, as she was active in the Gross Catholic community in chairing committees for their CELEBRATION auction event for nearly ten years.  As a classroom teacher, Mrs. Adams has been an active member of many committees and has been a great model for staff and students, showing the value of continued education as she continually sought ways to develop and enhance her teaching.  She has been instrumental in helping our second graders prepare to receive Reconciliation and First Communion for the past eight years.  We re grateful for the gifts she has shared with us and wish her a very happy retirement!  


Cards can be sent to:

Holy Cross School

1502 S. 48 Street

Omaha, NE  68106


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