Family At Holy Cross

At Holy Cross Catholic School, Family is a key element that sets us apart from other schools in our Consortium. Through our history, multiple generations have attended Holy Cross, leaving a legacy of strong educational values. The family atmosphere extends into our classrooms, with educators that care and want students to succeed. New families are welcomed warmly at Holy Cross. We welcome and encourage diversity among our Holy Cross family, regardless of ethnic or economic background.


Danielle L.

6th Grade

“I like Holy Cross because everybody is so welcoming and it feels like a family. Everybody is friends with one another. Also, the teachers go the extra mile to make sure the students are learning.”

Donald N.

3rd grade

“I like Holy Cross because it’s a Catholic school, it has great teachers and good subjects, good sports, good students, a great church and I get to learn about my faith.”

Mrs. Cunningham


"Holy Cross feels like a home. We're a family. We take care of each other and welcome new families to our communities. As a parent of children who have attended Holy Cross I'm very thankful for the teachers and staff who've played a huge role in forming their foundation as young Christians in this world. The teachers really took the time to get to know my children and taught them to use their strengths and talents both in the classroom and in church. As a Holy Cross teacher myself, I've always felt that this is where I belong. I truly enjoy coming in every day and seeing the smiles of all the students."