Student Testimonials

"I love Holy Cross because it is an awesome school! I think it is the best school ever!"
–Kaitlyn K. 4th grade

Special Classes

Visual Art

The visual art program at Holy Cross follows the DBAE approach, Discipline Based Art Education. The goal is to incorporate art history, art making, art aesthetics, and art criticism into most art lessons. This allows students to learn beyond the art making stage. It creates a knowledge base for why art is made, who made what art, what does art mean to us, etc. Students have art class once a week.

The art room is funded through a yearly fundraiser, Square 1 Art. This fundraiser allows the art room to be primarily self-sufficient. All proceeds go towards the purchase of both consumable and non-consumable classroom supplies.


Students are scheduled to have Music class twice a week. Once each year, the students will showcase their musical abilities to their family and friends with a performance that will be scheduled. See the school calendar for more details. In addition to vocal music, students in grade 4 learn to play the recorder. Students in grade 5 learn to play the keyboard, and students in grade 6 learn to play the guitar. 

Music in Catholic Schools provides instruction to our students who wish to learn to play an instrument.  For more information regarding MCS, please follow the link below.

Physical Education

Students are scheduled to have PE class twice a week. On P.E. days, students should wear appropriate shoes (tennis shoes). If a child is unable to participate in P.E., a doctor’s written note should be provided to excuse them from class. Students in grades 5-8 will be required to dress out for PE. Shorts and t-shirts that adhere to the school’s dress-down day policy are to be worn. PE grades will be based on participation, appropriate dress, and behavior.


Spanish is offered to our 7th and 8th grade students as part of their skills class. Students use a high school level one textbook and cover about the same material as the first semester of level one Spanish. Students learn vocabulary, grammar, and how to conjugate verbs. This class is intended to provide a knowledge base so they can successfully participate in High School Language.


Students in kindergarten through eighth grade have a scheduled weekly media/library period. During this time they learn library skills and have the opportunity to check out books as well as technology.

Books may be checked out for one week at a time by students in kindergarten through fourth grade and for two weeks by students in fifth through eighth grade. Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book per week; second through fourth grade students may check out two books per week; and fifth through eighth grade students may check out three books per week. Check out privileges exist as long as books are returned on time. Parents/guardians of students with overdue books will be notified. A fine of two cents per day is charged to fifth through eighth grade students for overdue books. Lost or damaged books are paid for by the child and/or parent/guardian.

For students or families who wish to contribute money toward the purchase of a book in honor of a birthday, a Birthday Bookshare Program has been established. The birthday person’s name is recorded in a new library book and it is added to the collection. Contact the library coordinator for participation or any additional information



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