Teacher Testimonials

"Holy Cross is a special place because of all our parents working with the teachers to help the students grow in all areas."
- Ms. Vesely

Student Services


Student Assistance Team (SAT)

Recognizing that individual differences exist among students, reasonable adjustments and accommodations will be made to help students develop skills affecting academic growth.

Enrichment instruction shall be offered when possible and deemed appropriate by the teacher in consultation with the parent(s) or guardian and the Principal.

The Holy Cross Student Assistance Team (SAT) is comprised of the resource teacher and several classroom teachers. Classroom teachers with concerns regarding student performance may initiate the SAT process.  The classroom teacher will bring samples of work and strategies or modifications that are already being used in the classroom. The team will offer additional suggestions and strategies for classroom implementation or will recommend resource support if needed. If significant progress has not been made, the team may suggest further testing by the local public school district.

When the diagnosis is made through the Omaha Public Schools, suggestions for helping the student will be reviewed by the school and public school representatives.  Recommendations will be made to the parent based on the information gathered through assessments, teacher recommendation and observations.  Parents may be encouraged to seek tutoring or other support services offered through the Omaha Public Schools.  


Resource Assistance 

Holy Cross has a full time position dedicated to helping our students succeed in the classroom.  Currenlty, this position is shared by two professionals.  These teachers meet with students who need extra support in any academic area.  Support is given in specific academic skills (reading comprehension, fluency, math compuation, etc.) as well as study skills and organization.  The resource teachers communicate with classroom teachers to determine student needs and communicate with parents regarding student needs and progress.  



Holy Cross has a counselor available one day per week.  The counselor will provide services to both students and staff members in an effort to facilitate the emotional and social development of the Holy Cross community.  The counselor may provide in class instruction on subjects related to character development and DWP and will serve as a resource for teachers and other staff members regarding social and/or emotional issues. The counselor will serve as a resource for family members and students on issues that are related to or impact the student’s school life. Also, the counselor will be available to the principal for consultation regarding school related issues.


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